Project 04

An obsessive serial killer's world turns awry when a victim's tormented husband lands on his doorstep.

A-Symmetry is the story of Sebastian, a lonely serial killer with an obsession for perfection and a hankering for preserving his new 'friendships'. His world comes under threat when a victim's intrusive husband Thomas comes looking for her. Will Thomas get a first-hand insight into what has happened to his wife?


Amy Barnes as Ruth

Sam Benjamin as Thomas

Eddie Usher as Philip

Scott Morrison Watson as Sebastian


Running Time 14 minutes

Directed by Sam Bradford

Written by (story): Kirsty Leigh Graham

Written by (screenplay): Grace Sargeant

Produced by: Grace Sargeant Production

Company: Praxima & Graceless

Edited by (offline) Edited by (online) Alex DriIlsma

Sam Bradford Cinematographers: Phil Thomas Jamie Wanstall

First Assistant Camera: Ryan Ward-Miller

First Assistant Director: Nicholas Dryoff

Sound: Simon Coram

Composer Alex Wilson-Thames Sound Mixer Jareth Turner

Makeup Designer: Kirsty Leigh Graham

Makeup Artist: Rhian Webster

Special Effects Makeup: Kirsty Leigh Graham

Production Designer: Kerry-Ann Calleja McGregor

Stills Photographer: Ryan O'Donoghue

Videographer: Matthew Cresswell

Poster by : Ryan O'Donoghue