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A team of indie filmmakers who have been working in many facets of the industry for over 10 years. Moving into the digital realm , where we believe everyone's imaginative ideas can blossom. Grace and myself have worked together on numerous  on and off set projects.  Complementing each other skills so well combining them seemed the logical next step.  Offering solo and combination production services keeps the original ideas flowing .


Hard Working


Some Kind words 

Wick Fragrance

2019 -

"Kirsty worked on our product design renders and recreated our products perfectly. We wouldn't hesitate to work with her again.

Soap Box Labs


"Kirsty delivered the animations we wanted on time and on budget. She was easy to communicate with and made changes as needed. We're super happy with the final animations she delivered and would highly recommend Kirsty."

Clay Smith 


“Grace is one of the best in the film business . I'm grateful to be apart of anything she is producing. She lead they way in cutting edge filming .”

Alexa Ravina


“Kirsty is truly talented and wonderful to. Super fast to understand exactly what I require, a natural problem solver, efficient and pro-active, I have recommended her to all my clients and would never go elsewhere.”

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Dead Rose Script (Writer Grace )

Billie Vee

“you managed to get the fine balance between the suspense, the horror and the humour.  congrats - for one more time you write something concrete, gripping and entertaining”

Sam Benjamin

"I'm not a horror buff but this was a page turner for sure! Congrats!"

Write up

DEAD ROSE is a well-written horror with some truly terrifying and visceral images that are sure to

burn into the minds of anyone who reads/watches. From the get go, the writer deploys haunting

scenes to immediately grab and hold the attention of the audience, skilfully informing us of the kind

of story that's going to be told. This is a no hold barred horror, with gruesome killings sprinkled

throughout. The unravelling of the mystery is well thought and cleverly plotted out. 

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